Chick chick chick chicken – new Easter cards ðŸ£

Cute bunnies, chicks & plenty of Easter eggs. Perfect cards for celebrating Easter.  I love Easter time, especially the chocolate eggs! All cards can be personalised with name/s. Free postage in the UK.  (Currently available on eBay.) ** Coming soon… personalised Easter cards for teachers and teaching assistants.**


Making A Valentine’s Card ðŸ’“

Here’s a step-by-step guide for making a simple Valentine’s design.

Materials you will need: embossing machine, embossing folder and plates. Coloured paper or card to add texture to.

     Put the paper in the patterned plastic embossing folder.

Put the embossing folder in between the embossing plates and roll it through the embosser.

Remove paper from the embossing folder and it will now have a pattern on it. Cut into heart shape.

           Finished design of embossed heart with Valentine’s sentiment. ❤️

The Cat In The Window Cafe Aberdeen

I went to the cat cafe at the weekend. It’s such a relaxing atmosphere. The cats are really funny characters and the staff are lovely.

                                          Napping … I love a nap too!!💤

                                Zeus is unimpressed by my sister’s socks!

                 Zeus loves cream so makes it a mission to try & steal from customers drinks.

                             (Exhibit A below 😻) 

                                               Yummy banana meow shake! 

Aladdin At HMT Aberdeen

I went to see the pantomime Aladdin this week (oh no you didn’t!) Oh yes I did. 😉 I haven’t been to a panto at His Majesty’s theatre for a long time. I really enjoyed it and the special effects were very good. Jimmy Osmond was so good and I loved singing along to his classics. Overall a funny and entertaining show. Well done to all cast & crew!

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