Meet the maker month 😊

As you can see I’m extremely organised. March is meet the maker month and I’m just getting round to writing about it.

Firstly Hello! *big wave*

My name is Emma. I started up Annabella’s Sunflower Crafts last August. It is named after my grandma Annabella and my favourite flowers 🌻🌻

I began making cards a few years ago mainly for family & friends. I then donated some of my cards to a charity shop and they encouraged me to try selling some on eBay and Etsy.

My influences

I have always had a love of stationery and still like to write & receive hand written letters.  Taking the time to buy or make a card and write a few lines can mean so much to the person sending and receiving it. It says you matter.


A lot of my interests influence my cards. I am a fan of tv shows New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls so I am inspired by them. I love theatre, music and cinema so they are another influence on my work.  Being Scottish, I also make Scottish themed cards & gifts. Each card and gift is handmade with love 💕


Last year I had a commission to make a personalised wedding cross stitch gift and I enjoyed it so much I made another few designs that are now available in my shop.

My customers

I want the customer to feel valued.  Therefore every order is carefully put together with a handwritten note. Tissue paper and paper heart confetti are also included depending on your order.


I am happy to do commissions for customers and have made a few personalised cards on request.

Every month I also have a customer prize draw. One winner is selected and receives some goodies from my shop.

Reviews from my lovely customers

“Thank you for the letter & candy. It made me feel special”

“just what I wanted & fast delivery as usual.”

“Extraordinarily beautiful with so many personal touches. Superb!”

“A beautiful unique purchase from a very talented & caring seller”

Overall my aim is to bring sunshine to someone’s day.  Thank you & hope to see you again soon! 😀

Find out more:


Etsy shop

Twitter: @gil_em

Instagram emma_annasuncrafts


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