What crafting resources do I use?

Okay, this may not be of interest to some of you but resources are really important. For my cross stitch I prefer to use a wooden embroidery hoop. I use Aida fabric usually 14 count but for my wedding cross stitches I use 11 count. I usually use embroidery thread or Gutermann thread.

* Aida fabric 14 or 11 count

* embroidery or Gutermann thread

* wooden embroidery hoop.

For my card making, I always use C6 card usually brown Kraft or white. A paper trimmer is really important and a craft mat is helpful.  I use double sided tape and padded tape. I have various patterned papers which I use for scrapbooking and card making. A fine black pen is a must for me! I also get a lovely finish with sharpies. Washi tape is a handy resource, embellishments and buttons. I have a few paper shape punches and I usually buy die cut sentiments. From time to time I use an embosser (which a friend gave me) to create patterns on the card.

* C6 White or brown Kraft card

* paper trimmer

* craft mat

* double sided or padded tape

* patterned papers

* washi tape

* buttons

* embellishments

* shaped paper punches

* fine black pen and sharpies

* die cut sentiments

* embosser

I mainly get my resources from Hobbycraft, The Range, The Works, Poundland, WHSmith, John Lewis and online. My granny kept a sewing box so I have used a lot of her buttons and thread. 😊


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